Community Relations, Outreach & Social Networking Committee (CROSN)

The mission of the RVNC Community Relations, Outreach and Social Networking Committee is to provide pathways for the RVNC to connect to the Rampart Village community, and to encourage and support activities that increase the awareness of the local community for the activities, goals, and mission of the RVNC.

Vice President Ronee Reece chairs this committee.

Committee’s specific goals are:

1. Leveraging technology to improve stakeholder participation and stakeholder access to information about the Rampart Village community.

2. Promoting the RVNC at citywide events and within Rampart Village boundaries.

3. Working in conjunction with other committees, communities, regional and citywide alliances.

4. Maintaining and increasing the RVNC e-mail list.

5. Developing and maintaining a telephone tree data base of Stakeholders and Board members.


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