Non-Regular General Board Meeting
Friday, May 25th, 6pm
RVNC Office at St. Anne’s
Suite #236, Mary Winifred Wing
155 N. Occidental Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Partial List of Agenda Items:

The recommendation from the Executive Committee to replace, Joey L. Lopez, as the Chair of the Public Safety Housing & Transportation Committee & to declare the Chair of the PSHT vacant & open to nominations & self-nominations.

Appointment to the Board Vacancy; receive & file RVNC applications for the vacant seat; applicants will have 1 minute each to introduce themselves; Board members may ask questions of applicants, 2 minutes total per Board member; public comment will follow regarding the applicants, 30 seconds per comment; selection process by roll call voice vote; take nominations & self-nominations; collect applications.  Board application is here.

One (1) seat; Selection of Resident Tenant Representative.

The recommendation from the BGF to refine & finalize the proposed RVNC FY-2018-2019 Budget due by the June RVNC Board meeting along with any other supporting documentation.

The recommendation from the BFG to follow the Treasurer’s recommendations on the final spend down from the remaining funds in the FY 2017-2018 budget; some possible recipients are St Anne’s backlog rent from 2013, Empower LA Awards, Budget Advocates, NC Congress, the RVNC-CEPP emergency preparedness equipment recommendations, mailer/postcard & or any resent NPGs.

The recommendation from the Executive Committee to table at the Camino Nuevo outreach event, the upcoming resource fair, on Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 7 am – 1 pm; the Resource Fair is part of the Camino Nuevo annual soccer tournament, the Ronus Cup, that 300 families attended last year; get commitments from all Board members & stakeholders for tabling shifts; location is the Ronus Cup Field 3511 W. Temple St, on the corner of Hoover Street & Temple.

The Update on Attendance of Board members by the Vice- President; declaration of any & all vacant seats that are because of attendance & open to nominations & self-nominations; pass out applications; at the last RVNC meeting on 05/15/18, Joey L. Lopez missed 3 consecutive meetings & Uver Santa Cruz missed 6 meetings in a 12 month period.

The resignation of Home Owner Representative, Andrienne D. Zurenko, on 05/11/18, & At-Large Representative, David Kahn, on 05/12/18, & the declaration of the Board Vacancies; pass out applications for next month’s Selection Process.

          One (1) seat; Selection of Home Owner Representative

          One (1) seat; Selection of At-Large Representative* formerly Resident Tenant Rep

          One (1) seat; Selection of At-Large Representative

          One (1) seat; Selection of At-Large Representative* formerly Business Rep

          One (1) seat; Selection of (TBD) by attendance of Board members

          One (1) Chair of the PSHT; Board member or Stakeholder are qualified

The recommendation from the BFG & the Executive Committee to support the NPG request from St. Vincent Meals on Wheels; they provide nutritious meals to homebound seniors & they are the largest privately funded Meals on Wheels program in the country; they currently serve 20 clients in the Rampart Village area along with 9 clients on the western border of the RVNC; Meals on Wheels are requesting $1,000 for food prep & delivery.

The recommendation from the BFG & the Executive Committee support the NPG request from Streets Are for Everyone, (SAFE), for an outreach program called “SAFE kids”; this new program will work in conjunction with the LAPD to educate 4th and 5th graders about pedestrian safety in approximately 130 schools 20 of the schools that are in the Rampart Station LAPD jurisdiction & 5 are within the RVNC boundaries; SAFE is requesting $1000 for educational materials & $1500 for the purchase of LED flashing safety lights for the kids; these LED flashing safety lights could be branded with the RVNC logo; the BFG recommends to support this NPG up to $2,000.

The recommendation from the Executive Committee to fund an NPG from Inquilinos Unidos as a member organization of the Coalition to Defend Westlake for a discretionary fund in an amount not to exceed $500 for miscellaneous expenses needed for the operation of the North Westlake Community Plan Advisory Committee.

Full Agenda