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Board Of Directors Bios

David Rockello
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Velinda Rockello
Vice President
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Jeff Jamison
Jeff Jamison works in sales and administration at Occidental Studios in Rampart Village. This native Midwesterner has lived in Ohio, Minnesota, and Virginia but has called LA home now for 30 years and loves it. An avid hiker and backpacker, Jeff loves the outdoors and is a California native plant gardener. He is also a board member with the Theodore Payne Foundation for wildflowers and native plants in Sun Valley. Jeff is inspired by the past and excited for the future of Rampart Village and is happy to play a role in making it a better place to work and live.
Rachael Rose Luckey
Rachael Rose Luckey is a community rights activist, with special emphasis on the LGB/Trans Movements, living in Los Angeles. As a Board Member, she is one of only sixteen openly Transgender Government Officials in the nation currently holding elected office. She is the Executive Director for LA TransCon 2019, participates on the LAPD LGBT Working Group, and serves on LA Care’s Regional Community Advisory Committee (RCAC-4). Her passionate galvanized desire to see ALL Americans living free with dignity and having the opportunity to prosper in this new millennium are the defining factors in her continued commitment to giving it her all. Her battle cry: “I will always speak out and I will never back down!”
Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal
Commissioner Geaga-Rosenthal has been a licensed Psychotherapist at various Student Health Centers on several campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District since 2006. Prior to that, she was employed by the County of Los Angeles with several departments including Health Services, Mental Health and Children and Family Services. She has served on the Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission for 12 years and she was a founding Board Member of the Echo Park Neighborhood Council.
Jose Sanchez
Youth Rep
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Uver Santa Cruz
At Large
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David Kahn
At Large
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Ziah Grace
Tenant Rep
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Adrienne DiMatteo Zurenko
Home Owner Rep
Adrienne DiMatteo Zurenko is the Homeowner Representative on the RVNC. In addition to her work on the council, Adrienne is a Psychologist for LAUSD and works at an elementary school slightly outside of RVNC boundaries. She and her husband also run a local business as owners of Hype Silverlake, a fitness center in Silver Lake. Adrienne was inspired to join the neighborhood council after years of work with at-risk families in schools. She feels that her ability to make an impact in her students' quality of life is limited somewhat by the problems they face in the neighborhood when they leave school. By joining the RVNC, she hopes to address the issues impacting these families outside of school and raise the quality of life for all RVNC residents.
Joey Lopez
At Large
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